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YİĞİT KARDEŞLER DORSE; is a trailer and tipper trailer that started its commercial life in 2006.

Service to many logistics companies, both national and local, in the sector gives. As of 2020, Yigitsan Trailer Ltd. Sti.

As a result of the name continues with firm steps. Years of experience in the sector, business ethics and With its commercial understanding, it is advancing with sure steps in the transportation sector in my country. .

Production in a total size of 12.0002, 7.0002 of which is closed area, facilities, employees in the region and the "Better every day!" takes firm steps forward with its slogan.

ISO-9001 Quality Management System certificate registered with. Yigitsan Trailer, unique designs and top class Always with the transportation industry with its material quality!.


To be a leading company that is trusted in the sector it serves, tries to meet expectations at the highest level, produces solutions to problems, offers quality products and services.


To meet customer demands at the highest level without compromising the understanding of commercial ethics, to be a sought-after and preferred brand in the sector.