YIGITSAN TRAILER; It has been operating in the dumper and trailer manufacturing and marketing sector in Konya since 2006.

Our company, acting with the principle of being a reliable institution, keeps the product and service quality at the highest level in order to make this principle a corporate culture.

Our company; It was established to respond to the tipper and trailer demands of our customers with the "Yiğitsan Trailer" brand and quality.

Our company, which has the necessary knowledge, machinery, team and equipment to fulfill its commitments, always aims to increase customer satisfaction.

Inside Our Product Ring;
Covered tipper, scrap dumper, accordion tipper, pool tipper, hardox tipper and vegetable trailers are available.
The main working principle of our company is to meet the expectations and needs of our customers on time and economically, without compromising business ethics, product quality and honesty.


It is the first and preferred institution that comes to mind with its expert staff and customer-oriented service approach, providing added value to its customers and employees in the dump and trailer manufacturing sector, reaching large masses with its quality products.


To offer our customers products and services by exceeding expectations every time without compromising on quality and ethical values.